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Monday, February 12, 2007

Time: 9:02 AM
Song: Himegoto
Artist: SiLK
Feeling: Amused/Happy
Drinking: Coffee


Nee kizuite ita desho hontou ni hoshigatte ita kotoba
Mitasareteru furi shitemo kokoro no fukaku ni sunderu
Fuangena watashi ga

Hitohada yori mo sukoshi dake nurui kaze kodou hayamatte iku
Tooi mirai o katatteru yokogao o mite ita
Issho ni yume no okuchi e to tsurete itte yo
Nee kono karada goto

Ai toiu na no PISUTORU ga mune no mannaka Uchinuku no
Kakebiki da to ka joushiki nante nan no imi mo motanai
Ai toiu hikigane o hiite kootta kokoro uchinuite
Yubi no saki made anata no ai o sosoide

Nee wasurete iru desho imi mo naku kureta gin no KOIN
Nibuku hikaru houseki namida no shizuku de omoku Natte kagayaite itta
Atashi dake shitteru HIMEGOTO datta

Subete ushinatte shagamikomu tameiki yoake ni toketa
Kono machi de wa nan no yaku ni mo tatanai
Te no naka ni hikaru QUARTER DOLLAR
Nokosareta omoi ga kureta yuuki o gyutto nigiri shimete
Yureru kokoro de aketeku sora o waratta

Namaiki na kuchibiru nejifuserareta

Anata ga kureta nukumori dake ga mune no mannaka uchinuita
Kakehiki da to ka joushiki nante nan no imi mo Motanai
Ai toiu na no hikigane o hiite yogoreta tsubami uchinuite
Totte oki no IKAreta KISS o mou ichido

(Sorry, I couldn't find the English translation... >.<)



Meh... It could be better.

Oh yeah, sorry for not updating on Saturday AGAIN. I slept in until noon, so I didn't bother to update. O_O Sorry 'bout that... >_<

New Fanart


Anywho, I hope this makes you guys laugh. :] Just a stupid "SasuSaku" comic.


He Loves Me Not

Last Thursday

OH. MY. GOD. I have never been so embarassed, yet so praised at the same time in Art Class. Fuck, I've never even been so RED before!! 8U Well, here's a funny story.

Last Thursday in Art Class, I finished up my Pen and Ink project, so I sat there listening to other people's conversations. If you're wondering what I drew, it's two guys in my class who sit right across from me, Danny and Victor (my skater friend). And it just so happens that we had a substitute teacher that day, and so we could sit wherever we want; it just so happens that Victor decided to sit next to ME because his friend Braxton sits at my table.

So then, Victor looks at my drawing and says, "Whoa!! Holy shit!! Can I see that?" I nod, and he takes it to look at it. And THIS is where the embarassment begins...

Victor: Wow!! This is fuckin' tight!! What's it supposed to be?

Me: Umm... It's supposed to be you and Danny... *blushes a bit*

Victor: *jaw drops* This is supposed to be me and Danny?

Me: Uh huh... I just decided to draw you guys one day because you were fun to draw... sooo... sorry you didn't come out that good...


Me: O__O *thinking* He's... not mad?

And then he gets up, and decides to show, not only Danny, but the WHOLE CLASS.

Evereybody was going, "Whoa!! That's so cool!!" and "Awww!! How cute!! It looks exactly like them!!" While, I on the other hand, had my head buried in my arms, repeating, "God, kill me now... God kill me now!!" And then when everyone sat back down and Victor came back, I sat up again, still red. as he handed my project back to me.

Me: Thank you for the embarassment, Victor... I appreciate it. ^__^ *twitch, twitch*

Victor: *still grinning* Embarassment? Why?

Me: I thought you'd be mad that I drew you. A lot of people don't like it when I draw them because they have to bitch at me that that's not how they look. So, you're not mad...?

Victor: Haha, why would I be mad? I think that's really cool. ^__^

Me: o_o ... *smiles*

It still makes me smile... AND remember how red I was. XD LOL

Discussion Time

WHOOO!! IT'S BACK!! Ahem, anyway- Last time, Ichigo won the Drag Queen Contest along with $50,000!! Haha, those crazy kids. 8D

The Contest is over, Ichigo is back in his normal clothes (Thank GOD- What a Jeffree Star wannabe!! LOL) and everyone's back at the bar counter.

NB: *holding up video camera* Kurosaki Ichigo!! You JUST WON the Drag Queen Contest AND 50 grand!! What are YOU gonna do now?!!

Ichigo: Immuna go to Disneyland!! XD *still drunk off the Strawberry Margaritas*


Hichigo: Hey, Barki!! How long do those Strawberry Maragaritas take effect?

Bartender: Eh, it depends on the person. In Carrottops's case, it'll probably be until tomorrow morning.

Hichigo: So... you mean we can have a little fun with him as long as he like and he won't refuse? *smirks at Ichigo*

Bartender: That's right, my pale friend.

Hichigo: *rubs hands together in a maniacal manner and starts to laugh evilly*

NB: So, Ichigo, seriously what are you going to spend all that money on? You can't POSSIBLY spend it all on yourself.

Ichigo: Mmmm... You're right. Maybe I should give some to you since you told me to enter and stuff. *hands her 20 grand*

NB: *stares at money and gets sparkly eyes up at Ichigo* I LOVE YOU. 8D

Ichigo: Hahahaaaa~ I know. Everybody loves me~ XD

Byakuya: *yawns* Damn, I'm tired...

Renji: NO WAY!! IT'S ONLY 10 O'CLOCK BYAKU!! *shakes him by the shoulders* YOU MUST STAY AWAKE FOR GREAT JUSTICE!! D8

Byakuya: EeeeEEEEHHHHEehhhhh- FINE!! JUST STOP SHAKING ME!! You're ruining my hair... *fluffs hair out*

Rukia: I think I'll head out... I've been wierded out a little too much for one night, mmkay, bye!! *starts to run out but Byakuya grabs her by the collar* GAH!!

Byakuya: Oooh, no you don't, Rukia-chan. You're staying here with US where we can look after you. Who knows what kind of people are out there late at night.

Rukia: *pouts* Fine... but only because you're my Nii-san and you said so...

Byakuya: Good. *lets go of her collar* Now... LET'S ALL DRINK 'TILL WE CAN'T DRINK NO MORE!! ^___^


Bartender: *gawks at money* YES, MA'AM!! 8D Damn, business is gonna be good tonight!! :D

2 hours later...

Everybody's as drunk as ever, except for NB and Rukia.

NB: See, this is why I don't drink. I start seeing bunnies attacking people, laughing for no reason, and slapping anyone's ass whether I know them or not.

Rukia: Hmmm... good point. *stirs her Margarita with her straw*

NB: Hey, how come you're not drunk? That's, like, your third Margarita this night.

Rukia: Hm? *shrugs* I dunno, I guess that's just how my body works. Weird, huh?

NB: Haha, yeah. But for the meantime, let's watch all the guys make complete asses of themselves while I videtotape it all. >XD MWAHAHAHA~

Renji: Heheheheeee~ Hey? Byakuya... What's the difference between gay men and girls?

Byakuya: I dunno... whut?


Byakuya: ROFLLMAOLOLOMGBBQ!!111123235

Both men start laughing in hysterics.

Rukia: *stares at her brother* Okay, now that was just the lamest joke I have ever heard.

NB: Yeah, but he's got a point. Gay men ARE prettier than most girls.

Rukia: So true... *shakes head sadly*

NB: Heyyyy- where's Hichi and Ichi? I could've sworn they were here a minute ago...

Rukia: *shrugs* Probably to take care of some business?

NB: Yeah, HOMO BUISINESS. XD *laughs*

Meanwhile, Urahara is wondering how long Hichigo and Ichigo will be in the "Make-Out Room".

Picture of the Day

Renji and Byakuya by the wonderful and talented, Yanagoya

*Turns into a crow and flies away*


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