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~A brilliant combination of "Naruto" and "Yuki". I call it: NARUKI!~

Ohyaou gozaimasu!! I am Naruki-san. I am a girl, 18.5 years old and an avid anime freak. My kaa-san thinks I am insane, but without anime, I would not have met some of my closest friends! So, :sticks tongue out defiantly at mother: Ba~ka.

I more of a story-writer than journal-type person. I frequent my fanfiction site more than anything else (well, less than my email, but still...) So you might now always find me appearing here. I wanna make new friends, but this is more so for my pharaoh that I am here. :glomps YaoiShoujo: Aishiteru!!!!! :kisses:

I may act like a fangirl sometimes, and please forgive me for that. In actuality, I despise the ground giggly fangirls walk upon. But that has not stopped me from becoming friends with some of them...

Naruki's personality: I can be sweet and needy like Shuuichi, I can be arrogant like Ruffi and Naruto but, most of the time, I act like my beloved Sanzo priest. I glare at everyone. A lot like Hiei, too, actually. But ever since I was "knighted" Sanzo, my distaste towards the people at my HS has expanded. So maybe it's his fault. But I am also Yuki-san. That could effect it too...

Time to bootleg more CDs! Yesh!

Ja ne!
Daisuki desu,

Wednesday, January 4, 2006

   Bored to Tears and Exhaustion
I am going to school soon! Yayy! I really need to find something to do to kill time right now... I am so damned lonely and annoyed at the world. Just like Gaara.

Poor, Poor Gaara.


I see that Heather has updated her site. Yayy! Already posted comments and emailed Amy more than once... Updated LJ...

Speaking of which... if anyone is bi-curious to see what my life is like now, I hang out on LJ more often than here (sorry MO-dwellers!!): my site is this:


I know! I have abandoned the MO community to conform with the mass-ness of the LJ lifestyle! So sorry! (but AMY's on LJ!!)

. . . I am sure no one will read this, but I wanted to see if Heather would notice I updated here. ^___^ Sorry for boredom. It calls at times like this.

Now I shall leave, abandon the computer in it's entirety and head over to get a bagel somewhere. Or some crackers. Something.



PS. Help me beat up Yami/Tezuka... she just has to get beaten up... onegaishimasu?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Give rise, cuz Naru-chan's birthday is here! Bow to me with the pharaoh-ish powers I do not posess, but have stolen from my koi long enough to pretend I do! Haha!

... But, yes. Give me presents, or be smithed.

O was looking through my friends LJ posts, and happened upon a survey Jounouchi did. I have NO idea what it means, or why I bothered doing it, but read it anyhow. THEN give me gifts! ^____^

First off
Name Naru-chan
Nickname Hikari no baka
Date of birth Novemba 22
Age 19
Where did you hear about: Jou-kun's LJ. Was weird...
Hobbies ano... anime, writing, talking to my koi, being weird, scaring people, yelling at Jen (that's more of a necessity)
Talents Writing, making my koi laugh xD
Likes Writing, dancing, *preforming* Broadway, daydreaming
Dislikes No sense of humor, hard-core rednecks and scary-ass fangirls who won't leave me (or my friends) alone
Strong points No friggin clue ^__^;; I'm short and naive; makes for a great Yuugi
Weak points I hate needles, I hate my looks, I generally an so dense...
How do your friends decribe you Funny (when I'm not trying to be >__<), nice to be around, "cute", nice and overall a "good person"
Would you do any thing for a friend Really depends on who they are
Favorite Color Blue or black
Favorite Food Don't really know
Favorite Bad Luck song? Probably "BreakThrough", just cuz my koi sent it to me. But more or less it's "Blind Game Again"
Favorite Nittle Grasper song? "Sleepless Beauty"
Favorite Gravitation song? . . . Dunno
Favorite Gravitation character? Hiroshi or Yuki.
Favorite Gravitation pairing? Maybe Shuu/Yuki, but I am drawn towards a lust-filled Tohma/Yuki sometimes
Bad Luck, ASK or Nittle Grasper? Nittle Grasper, because I love Noriko.
Manga or Anime? Manga. Anime freakin' sucks in comparison, because it is for creppy fangirls like Lori and her creppy sister, Kelley
If you could be a Gravitation character for 24 hours, who would you be? Probably Hiroshi
Why? So he can dump Ayaka and lunga after Yuki xD
Almost there, PULL~ my finger
Hyper or Calm? Depends. Mostly hyper, if I am around certain people. Hyper if I am near: Jou, Jen or Momo for a long period of time.
Leader or Follower? Follower. (I'm an uke. *sobs*)
Logical or Impulsive? Definitely impulsive
Conservative or All-out? All out. Most times, I don't give a shit. xD
Any goal in life? To get the hell outta this state; to take Heather to Egypt one day with me
Have you ever had an imaginary friend/stuffed animal? Possibly... but not really... @___@
Pick any animal of your choice: Vegeta; my Saiyan prince (whose a cat)
Why that? He's bent-up on world domination (and killing Scooby xD)
How often do you cry in a day? Only once in a while; but when it rains, it friggin POURS, if ya understand
Pick any object of your choice. What kinda stupid question is that?
Why that? ...this is rather stupid... >_<
If a random person walks up to you and holds your hand all of a sudden, what would you do? Most people: glare at them or hiss.
Just for fun
Who do you think you'll get? ???
Do you think we should add and/or remove some questions in the application? I dun understand a lot of 'em, actually. What's the point of zis?
Who do you think will stamp you, mod or co-mod? What the hell is THAT implying? xD
Does the mod rock? I don’t know
Do the co-mods rock? Probably not
Do the members rock? Uhh… probably not.
Do YOU rock? Hell yeah.
Pika pika? ??
Pico pico? *doesn't know whether to be scared, or incredibly pissed*

Anything Else?

Not really... I ended up wasting my twenty minutes. But it's all for the sake of science, right? (Whatever the hell that means)

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

   I don't have any time!!!
*le sob x5* I don't have any time to make a good post, but I wanted to try anyways.

I did not get a chance to see my beloved and beautiful Heather (as everyone knows by now) but I have conceived a somewhat vague-plan. I want her to come see ME! Since my mom suggested it in the first place, I figure she can not fault me entirely. So I am hoping this will become a reality. I have been thinking about it a lot, and it would be SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME AND SPECIAL if she could come here. Especially around when I want it to happen: in less than three weeks, near my birthday. I want her to come to my bday party!! That would be SOO COOL! And meet all my friends, like Yami and Momo and Jen-kun...


YIKES! This is a bad post, I know, but I really have no time. And I am getting po-ed at the damn keyboard because my fingers won't work right. >__<

Please let everything be set for Heather to come here! If God, by chance, happens upon my MO site, please give your blessing and support in letting my koi see me. I know you might not like gays, but I am an exception, okay? I friggin' rock. How can you not see that?


Otay. I have had my fun for ze day. Latah, y'all!!


PS. My birthday is the 22nd! Be sure to send me lotsa presents! Everyone but my koi, though, because just having her in my life is a gift enough! =^__^=

(BTW Heather, we ARE soulmates. Forever. ^__^)

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