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Monday, April 28, 2008

~*Twilight*~ movie!!
OMGAH, I'm SO excited about the new Twilight Movie!!!! It seriously looks KICKASS!!I know that I haven't posted anything Twilight related, so here we go! The new Twilight Movie is set for the release dat of December 12. 2008. It's based on the AMAZING(!!!!) book Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. It's the first of three in the ongoing series (Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse). The books take place in the small town of Forks, Washington and stars the two lovers Edward Cullen, a vampire, and Bella Swan, a human. Edward's family members, which include his 'mother' and 'father' Esme and Carlisle, his brothers the amazingly strong Emmett, the mysterious emotion controlling Jasper, and his sisters the pixie-like psychic Alice, and the gorgeous Rosalie. These aren't your vampires of legend though. These vampires don't fry in the sun....they sparkle like thousands of diamonds. Also, they're 'vegetarians'.They don't drink human blood like others of their kind, they drink animal blood. Their bodies are like that of hard marble, and the only bodily fluid they have is the venom they use to create others like themselves. There's more, but I'm afraid that I've said too much about the books already! You'll just have to read them to see how amazing they really are!
TWILIGHT MOVIE NEWS!!!- The cast have all been chosen and filming has begun in Oregon!! The cast is....

BELLA SWAN: Kristen Stewart
EDWARD CULLEN: Robert Pattinson

CARLISLE CULLEN: Peter Facinelli

ESME CULLEN: Elizabeth Reaser



ALICE CULLEN: Ashley Greene (She's from Jacksonville,FL, like me!!)

JASPER HALE: Jackson Rathbone


JAMES: Cam Gigandet

VICTORIA: Rachelle Lefevre

LAURENT: Edi Gathegi


ANGELA WEBBER: Christian Serratos

ERIC YORKIE: Justin Chon

MIKE NEWTON: Michael Welch

SAM ULEY: Solomon Trimble

Jacob Black: Taylor Lautner

Renee Dwyer: Sarah Clarke

Billy Black: Gil Birmingham

There was a little voting going on about what Twilight fans should be called! Michael Welch, who plays Mike Newton calls us TRI-HARDS....that kinda sounds like a sex toy if you ask me. But in the end the winner was TWILIGHTERS!! I like that one better! It's also said that Robert Pattinson is trying his hand at composing Bella's lullaby himself! I think it would add just the right touch to the movie if you ask me! His American accent sounds much more smokier than his native British accent! *swoon* Being in love with a bronze haired honey-eyed vampire would be amazing....Bella's lucky to have him!

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