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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ha, your ma's cool....LAWLZ!!
Hi guys! How've your days been? I'm trying to update more often, so HERE I ARE! Here's a funny story, if you want to listen to someone talk about their day's experiences! Today was uneventful mostly.....the creepy kid who stalks me at school all the time tried to get me to talk to him AGAIN, and some kid was spinning his desk around, flipped, and broke the desk....I DIED from laughter! Anywho, so after school I got in my car Cloud (yes, my car's name is Cloud....I'm a dork), and we started to drive out of the school parking lot. Well, as some people know, I have really bad A.D.D., and that doesn't mix well with me making turns while driving. I was about to turn and my sister decided to talk about something at that exact moment! ONE OF MY TEACHERS PULLED OUT IN FRONT OF ME WHILE SHE WAS TALKING TO ME! They were riding a bike (a dirtbike), and I ALMOST RAN THEM OVER!! I was like" OH [S]SHIT[/S]!! And I stopped just in time! I think he's gonna ask me about it tomorrow....YIKES. Thanks to A.D.D., I almost ran my teacher over! And it's DEM DEM!! Art by LadyChimera!!
demy's virginity

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