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Friday, March 21, 2008

OMGAH ANSWER! And a piccie of one of my kitties!
I've put this off long enough....remember the promise I made that I'd make a post about the question-thing? Here it is! Okay, Lemurturtle asked what I wanted to do when I got out of high school....Well for me, my first plan is to be a veterinarian! It might be a longshot though since my math skills SUCK ASS, and my memory is nothing to be proud of, but that's what I would really like to be! If that doesn't work out for Kei-chan, I'd want to do something with history or language. I'm AMAZING in History! I would like to be a historian or some sort of teacher. Also, if I can put my ass in gear, I bet I could be a translator for French or something! But getting into college would make me happy =^w^=

Here's a piccie of my kittie Tiger aka T-Man or T-bone! He's about my age (17) so he's old as hell, but I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!


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