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Hey everyone my name is Brian,and i hope you like my page.Thank you all for your time and enjoy!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

   Whats new about my summer?
Well there isnt much to my summer but ill tell you what all ive been doing so far in case your intrested (JADE!LOL!)Ive done nothing but work all summer and thats new for me lol.But i also met this amazing girl named Jade whos just so sweet,awsome,and all of those great things thats jade lol!She always goes to be evil and to take over the world shes the evil Queen of the world and me she crowned me evil King of the world by her side lol.But shes amazing and she knows how to make me laugh lol.But thats basically all ive done this summer ill be posting more soon,see ya!EVVVIl RULLES Just ask Jade hahaha.
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