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Saturday, October 7, 2006

   Phantom P.M.
Alright, a few of the kick-butt peeps on my friends list have already heard me complain about this but it's about time for me to vent (to all poor people who read this XD) and to try and get some answers. I HAVE A PHANTOM PRIVATE MESSAGE!!!

And now would be where I explain this dillema. For over a week I suppose, I have had the little message thingy saying I have one unread message. Ummm, nooooooo. To elaborate on this, it's lying. I go and look and there are no new messages. I even finally cleaned out some of my messages from about 8 pages down to 2, checked the other folders, refreashed and the like. Still it says I have an unread message! And when I actually DO have new messages, it adds the phantom message to the total. For example, coming on last night it told me that I had 7 unread messages, but in truth there were only 6 + the phantom p.m.. Anyone who can offer some light on this... odd dillema of mine would have my abundant thanks and maybe I'll make something as thanks. But all that aside, it is time I say "Help!! Ghost Busters!!!" Or something of the sort XD.

In other news, hmmm.... I'm eagerly awaiting the release of the latest Newsboys cd "Go" (for those of you who haven't heard of them, they're an incredible Christian group, and for those of you who don't know I am Christian =^_^=). The Superchic(k) cd "Beauty in Pain 1.1" would be another neat one to get. Being as I am terrible about getting my folks my Christmas list in a timely fashion and always forget the things that I really wanted throughout the year, I started a Wish List in Microsoft Word.... It's definitely growing. =@_@= And I still forget to add stuff to it! I am so aloof these past few months lol. And now to return to making a cd for volleyball... Bye-bye!! Thanks for listening to my rant! =^_^=

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