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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Update On Life - Latest Cosplay Project
ye-GADS I haven't updated in a while. Life is still slipping through my fingers while I continue to try to hold it still. I recently got a raise at my job which I'm uber happy about and even made it past my 90 days evaluation period (I can't believe it's been that long) so it's all going well.

In the present time, I bought Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for my DS lite. And I thought that darn BRAIN AGE GAME was addicting! It was quite the obsession. I say "was" because I'm currently on the ghost ship and even though I pull the levers in the order both the game AND the walkthrough tell me to (yeah, that walkthrough's been my friend), the game still tells me I'm wrong. SO I'm pissed at it. And then I saw FFIII, used, at Hastings. Who could resist?? So to punish Zelda, it's in time-out and I'm playing FFIII XD.

Also, the most amazing news. SPIRAL'S FINALLY HIT AMERICA!!!! No, I don't mean the anime. I own all that. The manga has finally started to be published in America. There are no words to describe my elations. But, even before this, I found a site that has been religiously translating the manga and putting it online. I loved Kanone before. He's my favorite character. NOW I'm going to abduct him and never let him go. OMG!!!!!!!!!!! PWN-NESS LEVEL INCREASED BY TEN-FOLD!!!! =@_@= The anime rocked, the manga has totally taken over my world. I even missed class to keep saving it and reading it XD

Now for the update in my cosplay life.
Just bought my ticket for Anime Oasis: Nana in Boise, ID. Me along with Etaru and some of our other cosplay friends are going to get together and do an Angel Sanctuary theme and skit. And no, all you ladies out there, I'm not going to tarnish Raphael again. This time my object of mutilation is Kurai, demon princess. A character who finally fits my short stature XD. This will be an interesting endevor because Kurai is decently tan. For thos ethat have seen me, I am WHITE AS SNOW! lol. Yay sunless, instant tanner XD Yep.. And this costume I'm endevoring to make the costume myself (I'm screwed. I can't even complete stuff I'M GOOD at doing lol). But yeah, more to come on this. I'll be ordering a wig within the week, hopefully, so be expecting an update then (cause by then I SHOULD have chosen which of her outfits I'm doing)

And lastly, I added a new bg to my few gifts to The O. In light of my rekindled total OBSESSION for Spiral and Etaru, with the kindness of a goddess, giving me another Spiral art book that I didn't even know existed, I created a bg og Hizumi, a character from Spiral who only appears in the manga. And he ROCKS. And I also snagged Adobe Photoshop from Kailand and Etaru so I had to tinker XD Enjoy!
(critique greatly welcome)


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