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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

heh.... This is so me right now....and it still makes me laugh.

Ya know, before I started college, I willingly didn't have a life. Now that status quo has been forced upon me. SERIOUSLY!!! I HAVE NO LIFE ANY MORE! And it's just gotten worse. I work 24 hours at least at a part time job, I'm taking 15 credits so I have at least one class each day, I'm an assistant youth leader at my church's youth group so there goes Wednesday evening, and just recently added to the list is that I'M NOW A TUTOR!

So, this is all fine and dandy, but I was told Monday of last week that I start tutoring the Monday of THIS week. Wonderful, an excellent opportunity for me to really get a taste of what it's like to teach Latin (the subject I'll be tutoring on) but goodness!!! MORE WARNING! But I found out from the counselor of the gal I'm going to be tutoring that my previous Latin teacher specifically said that he wanted me to be the tutor. I heard that and I'm =*_*= WOOOTS!!!!!!! But yeah, it's 6:30, I tutor this girl at 9:15 or therein, and I have a worksheet to make up. Which I can easily do, I just don't wanna answer my own questions lol. I'm an inch away from teaching my friends Latin so they'll do the answer sheets for me lol. But yeah, just easier to do the stupid stuff.

So yeah, with my weekends filled up with work and church and the remaining days a caboodle of odds and ends that demand my absolute attention, it's looking like my visits on here are going to be fewer and fewer for a while. However, I'll try my best to keep updating, talking to peeps, and at the very least popping out e-cards.

In other news, I swear my mom's trying to hook me up with guys. Not to say that I'm a lesbian, I'm just saying that I've been a content single person. Apparently my mom's thinking I need a change. And just to give any of you who might read this a laugh, I will recount the two stories (yes, two).

First incident: I give blood on a regular basis and there's only one guy who helps with the blood drawing process. He's decent on the eyes, and absolute character (he's surrounded by women and then people who hates needles and he has to draw a quart of blood from them. a person would have to be) and I had told my mom once a while back that he was indeed cute and nice. My mom and I usually give blood on the same date and time so that we can help distract each other from the horrible needles but the last time we donated, she had just gotten a shot so couldn't donate for another couple of weeks and my work was having a blood drive for employees only. So, being me, I decided to support my work and hope that I didn't have an "complications" as I can have sometimes in front of all my coworkers lol. My mom gave a few weeks later. Well, when SHE went to donate blood, a few of HER co-workers were friendly teasing the guy there and mom, either out of the goodness of her heart or just for the sheer fact that she's a parent and has some internal mechanism that shouts "embarass your kid!", looked up at ALL of them and said, "Well, my DAUGHTER likes him!" And no, it was not taken as "he's a good blood drawer person". The real kicker in this story is that he was talking to her while she was giving blood, had talked about our schedules getting off (as far as donating), and he replied, "Oh, she donated at Costco, right?" HE WASN'T THERE THAT DAY!!! =O_o= So that has me preplexed to say the least.

Second incident!
This one, goodness what can I even say? to sum it up in a nutshell, my mom's pretty much trying to set me up with my former Latin teacher. Now, granted he's only 10 years older than me, it still came as a shock when she mentioned it! Time to set the scene again. I had just been recently told that I was going to tutor and the counselor woman pretty told me... nothing. I had just barely gotten the girl's name! I didn't even know what level of Latin she was in. So I had been meeting with my teacher severak times that week, getting information of the girl, snagging a copy of the two Latin books he had, and he was kind enough to make copies of all the worksheets that they had done as well as an exam they did. He was an enormous help. But he's been having some crappy past two years (a LOT of deaths of people close to him) so we got to talking a lot each time I was there (actually we chatted more than talked about Latin lol) and he grew up in an area close to where I did, so it was nice to just talk. Well, I was recapping everything to my mom, and out of nowhere she goes(keeping in mind that she has never met him being as I was fully enrolled in a different school and so only went to this school where he taught for two classes), "Ya know, he sounds like a really great guy. And you know, age isn't a concern for you because you're so mature." "Zuh??" "I just mean that it sounds like you two would make a great couple! You should invite him over for dinner!" I nearly had a heart attack before I was even 25. It's crazy! So yeah, there are my problems for the moment XD

And it is now 6:45, I still haven't eaten, bathed, or worked on this flippin worksheet, and I still need a soda... CRUNCH TIME!! With Mission Impossible theme music... Toodles all! I'll post back later!

OH!!! I GOT A NINTENDO DS!!! Lite (black) of course. And I'm addicted to flippin BRAIN AGE OF ALL THINGS!!! Oh well, it entertains me *dances*

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