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Thursday, October 11, 2007

   Machines with beans and trucks with nuts. There they are, Macadamia nuts!
lol A cookie for anyone who knows where that's from. (Sam, you don't count :P)

So here I am, back from the abyss. No promises this time. I realize that before I had no life, but it was by choice. Now I am forced to have no life. College and school has drained it all away. Along with that, I am also a youth leader at my church's youth group so that's funky chicken for me. However, my hectic schedule means that I'll be pretty busy and either too tired to update, or too lazy. In short, expect much of the same from me XD. Also, I have been in contact with my Latin teacher from highschool (man I feel old saying that...) and he has asked me if I would be willing to do some tutoring!!! I am gleeful of this as it will give me vital experience in teaching Latin as well as help me conquer some of the rust that's covered my Latin, but I am also nervous and it would drain even more non-existant time from me lol. So, we'll see if that goes through or not!

Of late, though, I have had a random streak of motivation! I have finally made an e-card that I have had in mind for ages. AND!!!!!! On top of that, I have finally put up some pictures of my cosplay as Raphael from Angel Sanctuary (die-hards and fangirls, you might want to stay clear of them XD).

And now, I am in sudden need of a nap (even those I've had two 1 liters of Mt. Dew) so I will try to update more later! Doodles all!

And for those wanting to know, I still have my job! Woo!!! =^_^= And have even been briefly trained on the cashier so I will be doing some of that soon! So now I am off to dance into my bedroom with the song "Dance of the Knights" (Or also called Montagues and Capulets [Yes, as in the two families from Romeo and Juliet]) playing oh so romantically XD. (Seriously, I have been obsessing over this song of late. It's so catchy and beautiful!)

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