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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"The fries will overthrow the penguins!"
Squee. More Bleach episodes are coming out now. ^^ It was the 18th before I knew it I guess. xD;; Mhmm, I'm thinking of whether to upload my Byakuya wallpaper or not. Making it .jpg might ruin it a bit too much due to what I did to it. Dx Oh well, decisions, decisions. Anyways, I drew thingys! XD Well, they go along with "Asterisken" I suppose. It's Nyoko and Kyonji. Liiikkkeee, wow. xD Both were resized when I uploaded, so they look kinda funky from the originals. xD Oh well. I'm not sure if I can put it under fan art for Bleach because it doesn't have the original characters.. Except Renji in the one doodle. XDD;

Nyoko and Renji.   Lots of Kyonji.

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