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Friday, January 4, 2008

hi y'all!
I'm having a good day, other than having the hiccups right now. They make me so angry! They juist wont stop! Anywho...How was everybody's christmas and newyears stuff? Anybody still recovering? I hope not, because drinking and doing drugs is very unhealthy for the body and the mind. I'm sure that you could have celebrated with a tasty dinner and a few friends.
I had a good time. I stayed up and watched the ball drop, and then i went to bed at 12:05
Oh, yeah. Im a big partyer.
not really, lol.
My new year's resolution is to be healthier and enjoy life.

Ps. Being healthier does not mean losing weight. Let's be reasonable. :P I am jelous of every person who has ever hugged you, because for that moment, they held my entire world in their arms.

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