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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Luch tyme

yes, i meant the type-o. I just ate lunch a little while ago, so now im online at school and ive decided to visit you guys. Im really tired right now. I need more batteries for my cd player, i need new cds for my cd player, and i need a smokey. Yesh. All would be very nice. Does anybody do something kind of random that's wierd? I've started carrying toothpaste around in my purse and 'brushing' my teeth whenever i feel like it. hmm...
I drew some new pictures that you guys will probably never see, unless i somehow procure both internet and a scanner. Highly unlikely.
I slept in until like 6:30 this morning. Then i was ubber slow getting dressed and had to be driven to school by my g-ma. Nice lady.
Im posting random things again...

Random things...
1. i hate going into a public restroom alone
2. my cat is a huge pregnant ball of fuzz.
3. i love school.
4. i hate school.
5. random things aren't really so random.
6. death is random.
7. life is random.
8. YOU are random.
9. cats are random.
10. Time is random.
I am jelous of every person who has ever hugged you, because for that moment, they held my entire world in their arms.

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