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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Wishful Thinking
Dripping down
into the deep
called my life

I wait...
For somebody to come
and save me.
day by day,
I fade into the blackness
in my heart.

My wretched soul,
depraved of love,
of affection,
no longer holds value.

I fall, faster,
no longer held up by hope.

I am caught.

Not by a person

I am caught up,
In my own failures,
In my own sorrow,
In my own pity.

I wish for death,
But like ewverything else
I want,
It is denied.

My life,
If that's what you call it,
Is a worthless entity taking
up space in the world.

My happiness,
Is only wishful thinking.
I am jelous of every person who has ever hugged you, because for that moment, they held my entire world in their arms.

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