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Welcome one and all to the wonderful awesomely kewl site of mine. if u like this site i have a friend on here (Gotega) and her's is awesome 2. comment and sign her GB. it will be worth the finger movements. trust me. ^_^
although it's still under construction, it's good so far.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Proof Of Naruto's Parents. *Minato "Yondaime" Kushina *sp?*"His mom" ^_^

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Saturday, December 16, 2006

   Naruto Slideshow: Green Day Variety

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Friday, December 15, 2006


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   Funny Names of Real People!
Colonel O. Korn
Corporal Punishment
General Admission
General Anethstisia
General E. Speaking
General Incompetence
General Principles
General Store
General Weakness
Major Asshole
Major B. O.
Major Disaster
Major Hardon
Major Lee Small
Major Payne
Major Paynin D'Arse
Major Problems
Major Snafu
Private Parts
Private Road
Rear Admiral Butts

Foreign Names:
Alcott Yubolsov
Chew Man Chew
Di A. Rea
Dobe Fugin Widdat
Dook N. Pants
F. R. Ting
Haka Lue Gie
Henotter Titiov
Ho Hum
Hoo Flung Pooh
Hu Flung Dung
Iman S. Hole
Kis Myass
Pee Don Yu
Schrivalup Andropov
Shiek Yiboudi
Som Dum Guy
Som Yung Chick
Tai Mai Shu
Tai Mi Shu
Wong Tern
Wong Wei
Yung N. Dum
Yura Stinker

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