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Saturday, October 15, 2005

An Award for Night!
I would like to thank Night for several things.

1) Never giving up on me

2) Being a friend when I needed one the most

3) Never forgetting who I was

What's her award ladies and gentlemen? A brand new website!

*imaginary crowd cheers*

No, I'm serious. All she has to do is tell me what she wants on it, pictures and such, and I'll make it...okay it's a wee bit more complex than that but, that only means there are more questions she needs to be asked and more work for me.

Random Person: Lazy bum! *throughs a dirty shoe at Mrs. Tara Yuy Maxwell*

*duck and shakes fist a him* Why I outta...! *turns around and gives sheepish look* Any way, thanks for being a great friend, Night!

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