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Thursday, January 13, 2005

   Severus Snape
How many of you out there LOVE Severus Snape? I love him! If you do not know who I am talking about then you must not be an avid Harry Potter fan!
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Friday, December 3, 2004

My blob's name is Bob!
Adopt your own useless blob!
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   Title Selected!
Okay, I suppose you've read about MY competion? Yeah? Well, it's over. I selected my own title! BLARGH! I don't feel so great! Buh-bye!
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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Enter The Competition And Win A Prize
The Situation: Okay people. I need help. I'm working on a new website and I may be going insane. What I need right now is a title for my website. I absolutely suck at titles! I need help. Help me and you WILL be rewarded.

What Iím Asking: I want you to give me some good titles, I'll choose from them, and the person who thought up the title I choose will win a prize. Now you're probably thinking, "A prize? What can she give me?!"

The Prize: On the main page of my website, Iíll have a dedication. I will not only dedicate my site to YOU, but Iíll also make a button for them to click on to lead them (the visitors) directly to youíre site (if you want it can be to youíre MyOtaku site and your website). I am going to get my website on a lot of different search engines so people are bound to come across it. This will make your site more popular.

The Rules: The title HAS to be four words. NO EXCEPTIONS! Example: Broken Mirrors Shatterd Dreams (My friends gonna use this). The title has to be in some way related to the picture. The title must be simple, but clever.

The Picture:

Sorry, I was having a hard time trying to resize the pic enough to fit it on MyOtaku, so it turned out rather blurry.

The Site: My site will have fanfiction, profile, chatroom, image gallery, music, things to download (If I can manage it Iíll put music videoís on it), manga, doujins, guestbook, yaoi, and some more stuff Iím undecided about right now.)

Well thatís about it. Think up some good titles and post them. Also, Donít forget to check out the rest of my site and enjoy it! Byebye.

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Top 20 Things to Do While Ordering A Pizza
20. Do not name the toppings you want. Rather, spell them out.
19. Put an extra edge in your voice when you say "crazy bread."
18. Put them on hold.
17. Rattle off your order with a determined air. If they ask if you would like drinks with that, panic and become disoriented...
16. Report a petty theft to the order taker.
15. Ask for the guy who took your order last time.
14. Be vague in your order. When they ask what you'd like on your pizza say, "Oh, a little of this, a little of that..."
13. Say hello, act stunned for five seconds, then behave as if they called you.
12. If they repeat the order to make sure they have it right, say "OK. That'll be $10.99; please pull up to the first window."
11. Ask if you get to keep the pizza box. When they say yes, heave a sigh of relief.
10. Put the accent on the last syllable of "pepperoni." Use the long "i" sound.
9. Tell them to double-check to make sure your pizza is, in fact, dead.
8. Say it's your anniversary and you'd appreciate if the deliverer hid behind some furniture waiting for your spouse to arrive so you can surprise him/her.
7. Terminate the call with, "Remember, we never had this conversation."
6. In your breathiest voice, tell them to cut the jazz about nutrition and ask if they have something outlandishly sinful.
5. When the order is repeated, change it slightly. When it is repeated again, change it again. On the third time, say, "You just don't get it, do you?"
4. When they say, "Will that be all?" snicker and say "We'll find out, won't we?"
3. State your order and say that's as far as this relationship is going to get.
2. If he/she suggests a side order, ask why he/she is punishing you.
1. If he/she suggests anything, adamantly declare, "I shall not be swayed by your sweet words."

(By the way, I did NOT come up with these)

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Top 17 Ways to Freak Out Your Roommate
17. Smoke ballpoint pens.
16. Smile -- All the time.
15. Always flush the toilet three times.
14. Listen to radio static.
13. Open your window shades before you go to sleep each night. Close them as soon as you wake up.
12. Whenever your roommate comes in from the shower, lower your eyes and giggle to yourself.
11. Whenever you go to sleep, starts jumping on your bed . . . do so for a while, then jump really high and act like you hit your head on the ceiling. Crumple onto your bed and fake like you were knocked out . . . use this method to fall asleep...every night for a month.
10. Ask your roommate if he/she has ever looked into the eye's of his/her victim.
9. Whenever his/her parents call and ask for your roommate, breathe into the phone for 5 seconds then hang up.
8. Gather up a garbage bag full of leaves and throw them in a pile in his/her room. Jump in them. Comment about the beautiful foliage.
7. Get a computer. Leave it on when you are not using it. Turn it off when you are.
6. Fake a heart attack. When your roommate gets the paramedics to come, pretend nothing happened.
5. Whenever the phone rings, get up and answer the door
4. Whenever someone knocks, answer the phone.
3. Whenever your roommate walks in, wait one minute and then stand up. With an air of disdain, announce that you are going to take a shower. Do so. Keep this up for three weeks.
2. Buy Sea Monkeys and grow them. Name one after your roommate. Announce the next day that that one died. Name another one after your roommate. The next day say that it died. Keep this up until they all die.
1. Spend all your money on Transformers. Play with them at night. If your roommate says anything, tell him/her with a straight face, "They're more than meets the eye."

(By the way, I did NOT come up with these)

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You are Ella, one of our most complex characters in
our story. You can rotate your role in life as
you choose, when you want the spotlight, you
bask in it, but you can also back away quickly
and brood in a corner. You love chocolate, and
can be insanely hyper one moment, then serious
as all hell in the next. It is difficult for
you to love someone, since the only person you
really cared for died when you were only three.
You are an EXTREME feminist, and you always
speak your mind. You have power over the water
(but you are afraid of the ocean o.O) and you
have mind powers (screw with someone's head or
read someone's thoughts) and you can steal
people's abilities, making you one tough chick.

If you had a personality disorder, it would be
Klepto and Denial. You deny the fact that you
do love someone, and you can burst out
uncontrollably when you had enough. You steal
people's items and tend to keep them for your
own intention. Overall...you're a cool cat,
and you know it!

If you were a story character, what would your personality be like?
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Pretty pic!
light fairy
You are like the light fairy. She beleives only in
comfort and happiness. She ahs the power to
make people happy and comfortable in the
darkest of times. She loves all beings equally,
but when she is not needed, she can also be
annoying, she follows people, and is too much
of a goody goody, and can drive people
nuts!!!!!!!! That is all the major things about
the Light fairy. can you relate to some of
them? You probably can, because that is what
this quiz is for!

**The ultimate Fairy quiz**(anime pics!) for girls, but if you are a guy you can take it too! !**being improved more**!
brought to you by Quizilla

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

   Jada Arrives
Yay! I got a widdle bitty sissy. (Translation: My baby sister was born last weekend; Saturday October 9, 2004)She was four weeks premature and even though the whole pregnancy has caused Mommy a lot of pain (and four to five months of bedrest) Jada is still kawaii! She was born four pounds and eleven ounces. She is 18.5 inches. We are unsure of her hair color which at the moment is either a light brown or dark blonde. Just like most babies she has blue eyes (for the time being). So...I'm lucky cause I don't live with my Mommy and I won't be woken in the middle of the night by her crying so...nyah! Well, I have to go...Byebye...Love you Jacob.
P.S. Jacob and I are really engaged! Isn't that great?!

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Monday, September 13, 2004

Hey everyone. Would you believe it if I told you I was typing this out at school? In the middle of History, no less? Stupid isn't it?! Oh well...hope I don't get caught...what to do....I know...HELP!
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