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Saturday, January 17, 2009

And I've spent all this time trying to blend in to my surrounds yet lately it seems like there is one thing that is making me stand out, that one thing that is making my life harder than it could be. But I can't give up on it and move on. It's like an intoxicating drug, my emotions are messed up in it. I want them to be.
But it is so hard! People think, she has such a good life compared to me but no, try being in my head for a minute and you'd be hurting.

"We would be the misfit toys, different, but yet you and me is what I want so fucking bad to be acceptable"

I cant't give up on you, I can't give up on us. I'm stuck. Yes, 99% chance we will never make it. But in the beginning it was all for the ride, all for the risk. We never guessed it would turn out this way. That both our hearts and emotions were on the line. It turned out to be a wonderful and amazing feeling.


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