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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hey you guys!! Its me, your cherished Nicole. ^^ Just kidding. Kind of? I haven't had much reasons to post as of the rest of you know my pain. A lot of people from my otaku, has left and gone to the worlds, that kind of irks me because now it seems like hardly anybody is really around anymore and it takes forever to pm people rather then having the pming off of myotaku like it use to be. Personally I liked the otaku better previously! But thats just my opinion. How about you, do you like it? Hate it?

Recently Ive been looking for a site that I can get free clippings of "Inuyasha" and download them so I can make a amv (Anime Music Video), do any of you know where I should go? I need some help with that.

Last weekend me and my family had our family picnic, we do it every summer, its fun theres GREAT food and we just hang around, its for our family to get around with the people and relatives we hardly see at all in one farm like house. Its really awesome.

But anyway,

I hope all of you are holding up and having an amazing summer!

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