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Saturday, May 29, 2004

   MSN messenger, some good news
i've gotten msn messenger to work! if you have msn plzz give me your e-mail so i can add you as a contact thanks! ^_^ thanks again

Anime Reveiws:

FLCL: i aboslutely love this show, check it out (Although most of you already have) i like it so much it's the wall-paper of my comp!

.Hack//Legend of the twilight:
this anime is to cute for it's own good! the hole thing is of chibis! @_@ so much cute-ness...

thats all for now!

oh, i just ordered a space ghost coast to coast shirt and vol. of Aqua teen hunger force! and just bought a FLCL CD

ya i'm way to louse with money, i only have $40 left!

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