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Saturday, July 30, 2005

What a miserable day
normally i don't complain or talk about how such and such sucks but today wasn't a fun day. People on xbox live are just jerks, and the people at the paintball feild today were not fun to play with. Every game something would. The first game someone did a dead man's walk, which is where you pretend to be out and then turn around and mow everyone, it's legal but in my opinion it should be considered cheating. This didn't upset me greatly considering you can do that. But the next few games people upset because of over shooting, and in the last game i played someone accused me of overshooting and started cursing and threatening me. I only got upset when he stayed on the feild and told his team where i was, (this isn't legal and he should have been taken of the feild and would not be able to play the next game) and then they called the game and everyones cursing and yelling at me. I just left, i didn't get mad or anything. Its just too bad people are ruining our fine sport, i don't think i'll ever play woodsball again. Overshooting is an accident and it happens all the time in every game. I understand if people get upset but when they start cursing and threatening me i wonder why i even play. Today just wasn't a good day, but it could have been a hole lot worse

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