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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Free Time!

i'm soo sry i haven't been able tp come to sites let alone my site for the longest time!

right now the teachers are piling on the homework and such. but today i don't have so much so i decied i should come back and let you all know i'm still around!

Last weeks Tourny:
last week i went to the Pev's PTS pevs tournament series, i went there to jump on a team if any needed some help. Well an entre team was missing, so it was filled with 3 substatues (including me). So now we were team "konas" or something like that(the great thing is that we got to play for free cus they already paid) You may be wanting to know why they weren't there, well you see their team captain was arrested just the day before(lol). Anyway we where playing in the rookie divison (ya we go the shit blown out of us X_X). Lol we did so bad cuz we were formed in less than 5 minutes and where playing with people who belonged in the NPPL, also it was our first tourny. Only towards the end of the day did we start to win games, TWO PERFECT WINS! So we agreed to all play in the youth divison at the next tourny.

school is hell...

Other news:
i've got a bunch 'o' manga and anime to watch... now if only i had the time to watch it...

Otaku redifined:
once this has been released i plan to overhaul my site, change alot 'o' stuff and make it all cool! or i'll just be lazy and claim the government took my overhaul plans

a message to my friends:
i miss you all sooo freakin' much! but homework comes first cuz i wanna do something with my life. but anyway i really miss you all, and thanks for commenting on some of my last posts even if i didn't comment back!

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