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Sunday, September 19, 2004

doing all that hard english work really paid off ^__^ Today my dad and i went to Pev's big game. I'm not sure how many people were there and played but there was a hell of alot of people! So anyway my dad decied to play as well, also we meet up with a couple of our paintball buddies, 2 adults and 2 teens. All of which are excellet woods ballers'. So we all had a good time, except those stuipd "rockets" if you found a toy rocket then you'd call a ref over and he'd elimiate any 20 guys, and some how the other team kept getting those damn things and killing everyone! And when we finally found one we called the ref over and told him to take out this huge mass of people, but he just walked the other way and gave it to the other team! WTF!?

but beside the rockets the "BIG GAME" was alot of great fun. hehe i also got 25bsp (balls per second) with my timmy ^___^

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