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Thursday, November 13, 2003

well... hmmm
i'm ok, ok ... i guess

well today was ok, who am i kidding today sucked. I had my spanish project thingie, it went fine i most likly got an A. Although i still have the english and science *groan*

the world was against me today, in lunch i was kicked really hard in the knee, and in PE i was peged with a basket ball in my [ahem...] no need to mention that. and finaly at the end of the day one of my "friends" was making fun of me, say "your a b----! go f--- your-self!" and so on. I was so pissed i turned around pined him to his locker and told him to shut up and leave me alone.

i've decided i should speak to her, at the end of the day i thought there was no hope at all, but then some how i thought differenty like some voice told me not to give up...

or maybe i've just lost it... oh well

awww isn't that kawaii?... hee hee

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