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Monday, November 10, 2003

   sleepy monday
ooohhhh my head hurts!

today sucked, i was so tried this morning yet i got up at the normal time 5:45, i hate getting up early *groan* anyways had a team picture today, i'm on team "X" of my school. I don't understand the system of that. i also had to run from spanish to shop but i was late anyway but he didn't count the "tardy" because two others came form that class also(being late of cours). I never had a chance to speak to her becuase i ran from spanish and stuff.

although i did see her at the team picture thingie, yep shes on my team, she looked sad. *sigh* i wanted to talk to her but i knew i wouldn't, not on a monday.

well i did all my homework... except... dang that stupid project! and i have two tests tomorrow... well better get studying.. oh boy... <_> (?)

oh ya red tigress, i do go to langston hughes... thats almost scary... that you knew *twilight zone music*

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