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Sunday, August 29, 2004

a fun day on the range
today we went to pev's paintball (theres a big suprise) anyway, we went because my gun was ready sooner than we thought. So i went to test it out, the first time i shot it all the balls where cracking in the barrel! AHHH! but then it became obivous it wasn't the gun's fault, it was the paint. the paint was too big so it broke in the barrel (that sucks cuz we bought like 4 cases of that paint!). Moving on, after learning this we went up and asked for paint that would be good for my alias. So we brought the barrel and they tested it and we ending geting some alright paint. Then i meet someone from the camp, so we went up and played two games of hyperball. Let me tell you this gun rocks! I'd like to get a new barrel though, other than that the set-up is sweet, and the nitro tank is perfect! ^______^ so i had a great time with my new gun.

heres like 2 pics from the range:

hehe shooting my alias! ^_^

you'll have a great day, cya around ^_^

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