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Tuesday, November 4, 2003

   no school ... but i civics project
rrr.... i hate civics, it wouldn't be so bad if i didn't have it every day... *sigh*

wow i've been playing way to much DoD for my own good, i also go another His & her Circumstances but i haven't finshed the first one... theres 6 or so episodes on each dvd... so it might take bit. FLCL vol. 2 is very confuseing, i still don't under stand it *confused* hmmmmmm... ummmm... ya...

oh i now have over 400 visites! WOOT! YAY! thanks too ya all!

hmmmm... i found this cool wallscroll what do you all think?

*everyone slaps iggy* ok ok, well i'm off to play DoD ... er i mean work on my project... hee hee that was close...

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