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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Stupid things i've done
Breaking bones and other wise stupid things:

1.) jumping on swings, and being throw over and breaking limbs

2.) doing back flips off of play ground equipment

3.) jumping into a speed boat's motor

4.) drinking 5 caffine inriched sodas in a row to see what happens

5.) hold on the edge of a marry go-round, while it spins extremely fast intil flying off and hiting a tree

6.)sleding into the woods, and into a greek

7.) riding a bike and sliding next to the ground with it (haha that hurt like hell)

haha the list goes on and on, and YES all of those things HAVE happened to me!

Stupid things i do on a regular basis:

1.) trip on phone cords, sometimes a phone hits me

2.) asking the same question every 5 minutes

3.) search for my glasses when i'm whereing them

those are the top three

haha well we all have our off days right? haha some times i just show a lack of common sense. haha oh well, i hope you enjoyed the list

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