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Saturday, June 19, 2004

Final Run: my last day of school
yesterday was my last day of school, sorry i didn't come here i was racing around and across reston (my town)

yesterday seemed long even though i got out really early, thank goodness it's all over, everything is over. Nows that certain empty-ness which chie might have been talking about. You just kinda feel nothing, what am i to do. like a clear mind, open to posiblies. rather then chained in a box soaly devoted to a certain and exact cause which has no meaning or purpose. it's over, finaly over. i've learned a few important things this school year, thanks to all of you, if i hadn't come here i'd still be miserable because no one would be there for for me to listen or care to understand. It's hard for me to talk...

w00t schools over!

i'll post again later after i go play paintball with moldy

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