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Wednesday, June 16, 2004

   Feild Day... is approaching
tomorrow is "feild day" i don't see the point in it but oh well, nothing i can do... except wear my SARGE t-shirt! w00t!

in other news today was the team party, last years was better, i got a very small cup of soda... yea that was it. I also got a cheap medal for best science student, or 2nd best i don't know. each class gives a medal to the 1st best & 2nd best students out of all their classes or rather the entire team.

PaintBall news: yesterday i went with my dad to Pevs paintball pro shop and got a new barrel, goggles, cleaner, harrness & pods, and a new loader... all these (except the loader) are birthday presents along with the gun. haha (i bought the loader though, and it was alot!)

anime news: the only new anime i have is vol.2 of azu manga daoih

well thats it for now

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