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Thursday, December 28, 2006


Time: 7:45
Watching: Doctor Who

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I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!! I went out and bought the 1st Series Doctor Who DVD with the money I got from returning my IPOD Shuffle:) I'm a bigger fan of the 10th doctor, but the more I watch the more I really like the 9th Doctor too:) Yay! I'm so excited! I have to admit I am thoroughly obsessed! hehe!! I really can't wait until January 16th when the 2nd series comes out. BUT I have to say I am a bit pissed off because the DVDs don't include the Christmas Specials!! And I really wanted to see the one from between the 1st and 2nd because it's the first adventure with the 10th doctor after his regeneration! So I'm a bit POed by that; but I guess I can find it online somewhere on a bit torrent file:) And I better be able to find the one that just aired on Christmas too because i just caught the season finale on the SiFi channel and I want to know where the hell the girl in the wedding dress came from!

Sorry I haven't been around, my sincere apologies:) And I know this was kinda short, and all about doctor who, so sorry about that too. But I gotta get back to watching my show:) Bye!


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