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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A rainy day...
So I'm on lunch, and have nothing to do because it's raining out. Since Ohio now has the smoking-ban law, I am forced to go out into a back alley to smoke. Not safe in the first place, but also very wet when it is raining. So I was sneaky and smoked in the parking garage. Good thing I'm buddy-buddy with the building manager:)

BTW, thanks to all the commented yesterday, it's nice to know people still have me on their links:) I tried to update my site last night, but I had to do my toenails, so I set up my laptop in the bathroom and started watching 'Gravitation' again....and then got hooked. I ended up spending my entire evening watching all 4 DVDs. Damn I love that show. Yuki is so cute it's stupid:)

Well, I have happy hour with my sisters tonight, so I probably won't update until tomorrow afternoon again. But it's worth it because Thur night happy hour is awesome, since we never really see each other other than that once a week with the busy schedules we have.

Well, everyone have a great day!

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