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Thursday, April 20, 2006

   I ish in crazy layout mode =@.@=

Omg am I tired =@.@= I was up on the phone with my friend who came back from college =@.@= Well anyway I'm still alive and still eveil thanks for the comments about my dog =^.^= Its nice to know some people still care. Well ya I have a new theme its OKITA!!!!!!!!!!! and his chibi cuteness and is regular cuteness. =@.@= I'm about to make a layout for of him but I don't know where to put it I might just start making layouts and put them on my site for other people to use X3 If you have a site and want a layout done just give a request I'm in layout making mode so come and get it while its still hot! X3 I made a new friend on DA hes cool =^.^= I have only 2 weeks left of school the freedom and lots of work =@.@= and summer school for one class =@.@= crazyness. well I'm off k so...


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