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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

I went to the tekkoshocon 06 AND IT WAS AWSOME!!!!!!!!

Ya I went to the anime con and I went to it last year too =^.^=. It was so cool and I even got the person who does winry's voice from fullmetal alchemist to sign my edward arm that I made =^.^=. She is awsom and she raved with us in the dance XD. Greg ayers who does chorono's voice in chrono crusade was DJ and he remembered me from last year =^.^= He is such a cool down to earth guy XD. I saw tons of naruto characters =0.0= there were like 5 sauskes but one was the demon one of him that was cool. I was glad to see and Itachi with the sharingan. =0.0= I want thoes contacts =^.^= I'm so saveing money for them. They even had the naruto characters from the manga and I mean later in the manga in the chapters 200 and on =0.0= the ones I read! I was danm happy! =^.^= I also found one Gaara this year that was good there were 3 and only one was the bomb but she didn't have the gord =-.-= BUT ITS OK! She was hot too =>.>= sexy gaara chic =<.<= he he =^.^= I was about to dry hump the guy who was dressed like kiba because he had the cantacts of kiba's eyes omg he was hot *drool* There was a group dressed like the star ocean characters =0.0= the Albel was sexy he had the red eyes too =0.0= I want him to be mine *drool* I have pics I'll put them up on my site coon and I'll let you all know =^.^= I got some cool stuff like my Gaara and KENSHIN pulshie's !!!!!!!! and my hidden sand head band =^.^= and other stuff =@.@= like pins and figures and bells =-.-= Yes I got a bell =^.^= its big and fun to play with XD.

Well enough with the happy 3 day weekend =-.-= My mom is putting our dog to sleep this weekend. This is why I'm sad now =-.-= I'm going to miss him and she is too and all our other animals. It wont be the same with out him and it breaks my heart because its not like he knows what is going to happen =T.T= when I see his happy face I just want to cry because he doesn't know hes getting worse. I know hes an old dog but it still hurts inside =T.T= Well I have to go .....

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