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Monday, February 27, 2006

   sleepy sleepy sleepy

I'm so damn tired its not funny.
Ok last post I put up someone asked what my fanfic was about well its a cross over of hellsing chrono crusade and full metal alchemist. I's basicly a mystery of stuff happening =>.>= to tell you the truth i'm makeing it up as I go so ya and stuff =<.<=
Ali is grounded for all you ali fans so don't worry about her shes fine just bored of being at home. =-.-= I sort of got her in troble so yell at me if you want it was for her own good =>.<= I had my reasons abd so on. =@.@= sleep sleep
SLEEP! I want to leep screw my gay writing class. I'm so behind my classes its not funny =-.-'=
I've been going through alot so ya and stuff =>.>=
stupid depression =-.-'= OH SOME GOOD NEWS! My friends and I found a house to move into for the summer =^.^= I'm so happy now I can leave home a find out what real life is about =@.@= well ya and stuff see ya!


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