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Friday, May 9, 2008

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Hi everyone!

We're going to see Speed Racer tonight and it's going to be really, really awesome and stuff cause Speed Racer is really, really awesome and sugar boats and fluffy chicken noodle soup! Racer X is a beast. I'll get a picture of him up here on the Sexy Men list asap when I'm not in school.

OH AND 12 DAYS TO INDIANA JONES 4! HAHAHAHAHA! Harrison returns as IJ! HUZZAH TO THE WOLRD! I'm going to see it twice...

Oh and all of the stuff above is from me... Ken-Ken... cause I rock and all. Moontiger's right here in case you were wondering though.

Moontiger: Hi! Ha! There! I talked on a post!

It's like pulling fricken teeth. lol. Ok that's about it. I'm staying at Moon's house tonight after the movie and I get to go see my (mums and dadums) again XD XD XD Moon'll get it.

ps WARNING YOU... My and Ken-Ken's adventures of Super In-Ken-Ken and Magnificent Mew-Mew coming soon to a computer near you!

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