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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I do believe that this is the first time since Version Vibrant came out that I've updated MyO and not TheO. o.0 Well, I finally changed my site theme from Roxas to Ulquiorra, and I think it looks o.k. but I'm still going to be tinkering with it so bear with me.

I'm finally on Thanksgiving break from school. Yay! So far I've just spent my day on myotaku and watching Wall-e. Love that movie ^^ I know; I'm such a little kid.

Well, I've got to go, so I'll ttyl!

~moonshine7 / shadowslayer7~

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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wow o.0

Wow, sorry that it's been so long since I last posted ^^" I've been kinda busy applying for colleges and writing papers for my my crazy Honors English class. I still have an eight page research paper due tuesday that I haven't finished yet.... *deep sigh* oh well, I'll get over it.

So, I'm not really sure where my last post left off... therefore, random subject time! *lame theme music* The voting results for senior superlatives came in on Friday and mr and my boyfriend both won for the "Most Likely to Succeed" catergory (is it bad that I was having a hard time spelling "succeed?") ^^". So that was exciting... oh, and I finally submitted my college applications to my top two fav. colleges (Sewanee and Centre College) Wish me luck! I've got my fingers crossed. Both of those colleges are really expensive so even if I get accepted, I'm going to have to get a lot of scholoarship money and finincial aid... but i'll stop boring you with that.

I went to see the Twilight movie yesterday, and although it wasn't too close to the book, I liked it. *fangirl moment warning* EDWARD, I LOVE YOU!!!!! *cough* sorry, about that. Couldn't control myself...

In any case, I'm kind of out of things to say at the moment, so I'm off to visit sites. ttyl!

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Long Time!

Wow, it's been a while, and unfortunately, i don't have a lot of time to talk. The server that blocks websites at my school must be temporarily down. otherwise, there's no way I'd be able to get on this site. lucky me! ^^

Well, here's just a brief general update and i promise i'll try to visit sites when i get home. I'm enjoying my senior year and i only have 1 really hard class. the rest are cake walk. I got a boyfriend and he is absolutely the best! *feels unicornrain giving her an evil look* Nish, mandy, nish. Let's see... what else... Oh, i'm looking at colleges that i'm thinking about attending, but i don't really have any in mind. Anyone got any good college advice? ^^" well, i need to go before either the teacher catches me, or the block comes back up, so i'll ttyl!

~moonshine7 / shadowslayer7~

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Words a Lifeguard Never Wants To Hear

"It hurts when I take a deep breath."

Some little girl came up to me and said that this week, and i barely managed not to freak out. Of course I was immediately imagining that one of her lungs had exploded or something XP This is the conversation that went on between us after my initial shock had faded:

me: "Did you hit you ribs on something?"
her: "No."

I paused at this point trying to think of something else that could be wrong with her. Then I got one of those lightbulb ideas.

me: "Do you have asthma?"
her: "Yes."

I was actually kinda relieved that her organs weren't exploding.

me: "Well, do you have an inhaler?"
her: "Yes."
me: "Do you have it with you?"
her: "No, the nurse has it."

At this point, I was thinking: o.k. you knew you had asthma, you knew you had an inhaler, and you knew where it was. Why did you even have to talk to me?!

So I sent her to talk to her counselor and they eventually drove up to the nurse's office and got her inhaler. Crisis avoided!

On another note, I got tagged by ElvesAteMyRamen, so...

1) post these rules
2)each person tagged must post 8 random facts about themselves
3)tags should write a journal/blog of these facts
4)at the end of these post 8 more ppl r tagged and named
5)to tag go to another persons page and tell them there taged

Random Facts:
1) I have lived in the same place my entire life.
2) I hated chocolate up until the end of sophomore year. Now, I love it! ^^
3) I am terrified of snakes.
4) I want to be a writer when I grow up (which will likely never happen ^^" the growing up part, i mean)
5) I won't let my dad drive with the sunroof open at night because i'm afraid a bat will fly in o.0
6) I gotten halfway through the Hard Level on Guitar Hero III
7) I don't like kids and yet i have a job where i spend time making sure they don't die. how messed up is that?
8) I don't like pizza.

All right, i'm tagging these people: unicornrain, dixiegirlnikki, funpunkrockkid, arosesthorn92, foamy14, KyoShiro-Mubei, Ramen-sama, casceta.

You don't have to do it if you don't want to. It's just kinda fun ^_^

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fan Art

Hiya! Wow, it's been a while since I've posted, but I'm afraid I don't really have much to say *sadness* The only note-worthy thing that I've done recently is that I finished my entry for waywardwarrior's contest and submitted it, so if you get a chance, swing by and give me a comment ^_^

Afraid I can't get a link to show up on here, though. -_-" So if you'll go to my profile, it's the pictures titled "Blade of Lightning" thanx!


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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Love my Job

I really do. I mean, there are some days that i think i have the best job ever. yesterday, me and michael were supposed to be lifeguarding the lake, which basically consists of telling the kids the rules, dragging the canoes or paddleboats (which are a pain) into the water, holding the boats against the dock while the kids get out, and then after sitting for an hour doing nothing, dragging the boats back up on the shore. However, yesterday only one group came for the afternoon canoe time and absolutely no one came to the night canoe. Yes, there is a night canoe time. I was there until 8:00 PM and i'm supposed to be there until 10:00 PM tonight, but anyway, after laying around the pool for a few hours, we went and ate dinner at the camp. Yay! Free food!

After dinner, it was supposed to be time for the night canoe, but as i have mentioned before, no one came. So Delta and Matt went fishing and Daniel, Michael, and I all went out on the lake in individual canoes. Then daniel got the bright idea to tie all our canoes together, and not in a line either. no, he tied them all together sideways, making a "superboat" as he called it. Of course i was too afraid of tipping over to stand up in my canoe and untie the front of it, so i had to go along with it. Now, this was likely very dangerous, we probably could have all gotten fired, and we were all getting paid for it XD well, to make a long story slightly shorter, we eventually got all the boats untied and back on the dock. And that was all i did all day. Oh, and i got a free camp t-shirt ^_______^ wow, this post has gotten long, so i'm going to go ahead and go. ttyl!

~moonshine7 / shadowslayer7~

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brother, Grandfather, and Borders

I don't think i've mentioned this, but my brother was gone this past week to some camp-ish thing at Vanderbilt, so yesterday we all left bright and early in the morning to pick him up XP however, before we left, my mp3 player decided to freeze up, and the only way to fix it is to let the battery die and then charge it up again. it was then that i realized that my mp3 player has a super long battery life. it finally died some time during the night *pauses in post to take Nana outside* whew, it's hot outside! o.k. where was I? Right! picking up my brother. Well, after we picked him up we went and ate at the Golden Corral(sp) which is a super awesome buffet, then my mom decided that since we were already in the area, we should go visit her father for an early father's day.

So after a lot more riding in the car, we get to the place where my grandfather lives. it's kinda like a cross between a nursing home and an apartment. My grandfather stays so busy that it took us quite a while to find him. he was calling bingo ^^ so after he finishing calling bingo, we went and worked on puzzles with him (he loves puzzles). eventually though, we all got so tired that we had to leave, but i begged my parents to stop by Borders before we went home.

So we went to Borders and I got the new Saiyuki Reload manga and my brother bought the Now 28 CD. To anyone who hasn't read Saiyuki Reload, i highly recommend it. it's awesome! the guy in my bg comes from it. well, that's all i really have to say right now so ttyl!

~moonshine7 / shadowslayer7~

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Friday, June 13, 2008


Haha! That's right. I got my first paycheck yesterday *squee* It wasn't supposed to come until today, but we lucked out and got them early ^^ I'm going to try to use it to save up for a car, but if that doesn't work, then i'll just use it to buy a nice new radio system for the enormous, gas-consuming car that i drive right now. It gets kinda old driving around without any music. I constantly find myself singing in the car just to fill the silence. Sometimes, i even talk to myself o.0 but that's actually really normal for me XD

In any case, now that i have some money, i'm having to decide how much to put in a checking account and how much in the savings account and how much i should just keep in raw cash. Es very annoying XP Well, that's all i really have to say, so i'll ttyl!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Nothing.... Absolutely nothing.

The title is refering to what i did at work today. All five lifeguards were actually there today, but no campers. i guess the head guy had overscheduled them or something cause no one came down to the pool or lake. At least that's what our boss told us. She also said that we might as well hang around for a while and see if anyone came, and hey we were getting paid for it, so why not? so the two older lifeguards went down to the lake and fished for about four hours while me, daniel, and michael just hung out at the pool. I almost fell asleep too, but then they splashed water all over me. then i was attacked by a flock of tiny purple butterflies o.0 but yeah, so as soon as some kids actually came to the pool, me and the two lifeguards who were fishing went home. we were supposed to have left a few hours ago ^^" in any case, now i'm home early and bored out of my mind. Even the puppy (whose name is Nana, btw) is fast asleep nearby. Nevermind, she just woke up. Time to go outside. ttyl!

~moonshine7 / shadowslayer7~

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Monday, June 9, 2008


well, nothing much has happened to me other than *deep breath* we got a puppy!!!!! *squee* and she is the cutest little ball of fluff on earth. She's part border collie, part great perenese (sp) so although she's little right now, she's going to be huge o.o we got her because we have chickens and the local wildlife likes to feast on them every so often. So hopefully, we'll be able to keep her from eating them and teach her to protect them ^^ well, that's all i really have to say at the moment, so i'll ttyl!

~moonshine7 / shadowslayer7~

well, i can't put a picture of her up because imageshack is being stubborn XP so here's a link to my post on theO that has her picture in it:

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