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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wow, I haven't been here in nearly two months! I'm sorry I've neglected you! It's just that I've gotten so addicted to my Japanese and Korean dramas >.<;; I've finished Hana Yori Dango 2 and Sassy Girl Choon Hyang (Jae Hee makes my heart skip a beat) and I've watched a few live-action movies. I've just started watching Full House (I <3 Bi Rain) ^^

Today was a pretty good day. Though I can't believe it SNOWED! Argh, and it was such nice weather yesterday... *cries*

There was a school mass today, but since my TA is the one in charge of the choir, he doesn't notice if I show up or not. The office didn't call our TA Group down, so the 4 of us who didn't ditch just talked and fooled around for an hour and a half XP It was fuuun, way better than if I had ditched to have coffee with my friends. Plus, it was snowing, so yeah.

I really need to change my theme soon... I think it shall be Sassy Girl Choon Hyang.

Whoa, I've been a MyO member for over 2 years now! This is a pretty big occasion...

Anyways, I'll be around to visit you all soon, I promise!

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Finally, exams are over and done with. Now I have a full week to do with as I please, hurray! But today, I was especially stressed, I had a stomach ache and my hands were trembling >.< I NEVER get nervous before a test.

During the exam, I calmed down though. Then I went to Edo Japan and that mellowed me down even more.

So, I already have the next week fully planned out. I'll also make time to visit you all!

Love you all!

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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Hello and Happy New Years Eve!
Wow, 2007 is just around the corner...

I haven't been on in yet another month. I really need to update more... So, holidays, how are yours going? Mine is going pretty good, very productive... not. School is going very well though.

Christmas was good, I didn't want many presents this year (well, I wanted very expensive presents >.<) Boxing Day shopping was INSANE, the malls were packed. But I got grey cargo pants, hurray! Half of my winter break is gone and now, only 1 more week left. Argh, I have so much to do before school starts again. One of which is a self-portrait. Man, I hate doing those things.

A few days ago, I went sledding with my friend and her friend and his brother. So to sum it up, 2 girls, 2 guys. She had a crush on him, and she now claims that she only wants to be his friend... uh huh. I don't really beleive that. Anyway, sledding was fun, although we only went down the hill about four times. The rest of the time was spent making snowballs and throwing them at each other while having a conversation. Then he bought us hot chocolate, yumm...

We've planned to go over to their house to play video games after we've taken our science exam. I think that'd be really fun, to just dumb down after studying chem, physics and bio. I'm really looking forward to it, but it's on the 19th, and that's so far away... ah well.

Hee hee, I like this new computer ^^ Anyways, I shall be around to visit you all sometime soon.

Happy New Years Eve, guys! Bring out the bubbly!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

At midnight, I rushed out kicking open the door, the glass slippers shattered and the dress tore
Wow, it's been exactly a month since I last posted... lots of things have happened, but first I want to say that I now have over 1000 hits! YES! Bwa ha ha, this is quite monumentous *nods*

Moving on... It's the weekend and I really, really want to get together with all my friends so that my old ones and new ones can meet. Hopefully the weather will be fine enough to go tobagganing/ sledding ^^ I miss all my friends that no longer go to my school, especially Roiben and Summerbaby. I hope you guys can come.

In school, science is always fun, usually cause of the people and the teacher, he's awesome, ha ha. He always likes to pick on the guys, we always say 'oh, you got teacher-burned'. We're having a girls vs. guys competion and loser team brings the winners treats and we're leading 5-4, hell yeah!

Gym is... blah, but I guess I'll just have to deal with it, eh? Thank goodness it's only for this semester.

Art is good, I love my friends there too, we talk for 80 minutes while doing minimal work =P Joel, he's a very touchy-feely person in a good way, he kisses me on the cheek, not on the lips cause he thinks it's the same as taking a person's virginity, lmao. Ah, he's amazing.

Social is what it'll always be, boring. The class is retarded, setting off stink bombs and killing the mice. Yeah, it's pretty bad but it's an amusing way to end the day, I guess.

Recently, I've started watching Paradise Kiss and I really love it ^^

I'll be around to visit all you guys soon, so don't worry if I don't get to you today. I've got to study and plan the get-together, so I'll see you guys around!

Moon of Darkness <3

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Calling all Cars
Hey, sorry I haven't been around at all. High school is going good, not scary anymore ^^ Stuff has happened, but I shall not bore you with it all. I've met lots of new people and re-met with old people.

The work load isn't all that bad and I get to sleep in later that before =P And I take a direct bus, so it's good. But I kinda miss junior high...

Anyways, I'm just here to tell ya guys that I'll be around to visit you guys in the new few days or so ^^

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Saturday, September 2, 2006

Impending Doom
School is only three nights away! Argh... I'm starting to get really nervous... at least I got the classes I want, after a bit of changing around.

I've lost all hope of my journal, so I got a new one at the street festival in Chinatown nearly a week ago. It's Mashimaro ^^ I watched the episodes on the official site, really funny.

I invited a few friends over and I taught them how to play mahjong. I don't think Summerbaby10 got hold of it, but FriedChocobo picked it up quickly. Sholagan did too.

I got around to watching the whole season of Spiral and ARGH!! The ending doesn't tell you a damn thing! I was so pissed!!

Since my siblings went to school while I was stuck here, I ended up going to dim sum 3 times with my grandparents in the past 2 weeks. Some people go everyday, but that's often for me.

And Roiben came back, yay! We got together as a group and just had fun ^^ I got ice cream, hurray!

My sister, Kittykatangel, was pissing me off. She got this puzzle and I wanted to help, cause we both do puzzles, but she's like "No, not that corner! Not the sky! I have a system!" In a really whiny voice, to boot. Her system was to work from one side of the puzzle to the other. I wanted to just take my hands and break the whole thing apart!

*deep breath* On to more pleasant topics, I saw a penguin documentary. It shocked me to find out that non-breeders try to kidnap chicks. It was so vicious, sometimes the chicks died from the mauling... I have a new respect for penguins.

Yep, I believe that's all. Now to visit you all, see ya!

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Back from Malaysia
Hey, how do you all do? I'm back after a month =P The trip was fun, I ate many yummy foods, saw my family and laughed alot.

I went to shopping, both in malls and at the night market, which is very hot and sweaty, but worth it when you find something you really want for really cheap. *showers everyone with pirate movies* (There were a ton but we didn't bring any back here, lol.)

Some stuff I did:

-Went to Orang Utan Island (the babies were so cute!)
-Had roti canai and iced Milo, my favourite things
-Fed some little monkeys
-Celebrated the month of ghosts
-Made a puzzle with my aunt
-Went paddleboating (my first time, t'was fun)
-Enjoyed a power outage with my cousins

Yeah, it sounds trivial, but they all mean alot to me ^^

As for the party, it was fun. Many old people that I did not know and the party was in Mandarin, but fun. I think my Cantonese is better, but I've given up trying to be literate in Chinese.

Kung Pow is a really funny movie, we watched it as a whole family. If you ever get the chance, watch it ^^ They make fun of kung fu movies by taking scenes out of Tiger and Crane Fist.

I got the full season of Sprial and the XXXHolic movie. I'll probably watch it later when I'm totally bored.

When it was time to leave at the airport, I cried. It's always so sad to leave cause you never know when we're going to see each other again. It's expensive to travel, so we won't be going for a long time. Hopefully, they come here... *tear*

And to top it all off, I left my journal on the plane. If it were an airline that just went around North America, I'd probably have it back, but since it was an international airline, I'm not so sure. I really hope that it comes back to me. I spent so much time writing in it and it holds memories that I am sure to forget T.T

Then! I threw up on the plane, twice. I don't know why, I never do...

It's only been two days and I miss then dearly... Well, I'm off to go cry now, see you all later...

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hey guys, hows your summer been? Mine been going ok, I went to Vancouver for a few days with my sis, Kitty to visit my uncle. It was my first time on a plane without my parents, but it wasn't as big a deal as I thought it would be ^.^

My new theme is What its Like Being Alone, which is so amazingly amazing. It's by Brad Peyton (who made the short film Evelyn: the Cutest Evil Dead Girl). It shows every Monday at 9:30 on CBC (no matter what time zone I believe. Weird, eh?). I'm not sure if it shows in the US though...

Please watch the little video up there, it's only 20 seconds long. Please!

The Orphans!

So, I'll be leaving to celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday in Malyasia on the 20th. At 2 am, whoopie. I'll be coming back August 15th, so I won't be around for a long while. They have internet so I'll still be checking my emails, PMs and comments.

Short term news is that I'm going to go roller bladingwith my friends, yay! I haven't seen them much since summer started, I'm excited ^^

Oh! Did any of you see Pirates of the Caribbean II? I saw it on opening day! ...morning... night... er, a minute past midnight! It was fun, except I hated the ending! Grr, cliffhangers! It's amazing that it made over 55 million on the first day... squee, Johnny Depp!

Yeah, I think that's it for me... I burned myself with an iron... it doesn't hurt, but it looks weird... Good day!

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Friday, June 16, 2006

Two weeks left...
Of school, hell yeah! Then I can finally leave this dump for good, I hate this school...

I'm sorry I haven't been around, but I'm actually studying for finals this year, cause I want to do well.

I don't think I'll be on, even to check my emails, but in two weeks, I promise that I will visit every single person on my list. *nods* Hmm... I think I shall be changing the theme of my site as well.

That is all from me, bye guys! I love yous!

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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Anime convention, woot!
Hey guys, I'm sorry I've been neglecting you lately ^^;; It's just that finishing up the school year means all these unit exams coming up. I haven't had much free time lately T_T

Let's see, I went to a science convention (t'was boring, but at least I got to miss school) and went to my friend's birthday party. That was fun too, we went to do outdoor paintball. But I'll leave it al that since I don't want to bore you with the details.

And then, on Sunday and Monday I went to an anime convention =P Yay! It wasn't as fun as last year though... and I didn't get alot of stuff either, which is surprising. My sisters got alot of mangas though, so I'll be doing some reading... when I find the time...

I watched alot of stuff though, like Tsubasa, Aria, Sukisyo (LOVE!!), Karin... can't remember anymore...

I did finally meet one of my sis' friend that I've been talking to for a while. He has a weird voice... lol. The 404s were so funny, I wanna go to Animethon just to see them again XD

Well, got a few exams to study for this week... especially Social, which I'm horrible at. I'll visit as many as I can tonight though ^^ Keyword: try

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