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Monday, November 20, 2006

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Hello out there!! How's everyone doing? I'm fine, blah blah blah.. On Friday, some of the people in Anime Club went to China Town to see some anime stuff. OMG!! It was like heaven in anime form. It was GREAT!!!! They had sooo many things. Posters, wall scrolls, manga and Dvds (all for ten dollars), bookbags, necklaces and so much more. They even had the book that Kakashi (from Naruto) reads all the time. Don't worry, it was just a mini binder (no R rated stuff Lol). And they even had little Naruto jackets for your cellphone!! I'm a little ticked I didn't have enough money for that FMA Pocket Watch.. But lets move on. I'm broke from buying a head band and wall scroll, so its better if I don't tempt myself by thinking about it..

Do you guys like my layout? Even though I don't watch Inuyasha anymore, I still think this layout looks nice. Even though it has Kagome in it.. About my fanfic. Instead of posting my Inuyasha one, I'm gonna do the Cowboy Bebop one that I was talking about waaay back in yester-year. In my opinion, it would be better. Well, I have to do my homework, so I'll end here. Laterz!! ^-^v

Arigatou ken Sayonara
(Thank-You and Good-Bye)

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