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Sunday, October 29, 2006

...::: SITE NAME HERE :::... Lost Reality Designs Date: 10-29-06
Hi guys. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. High school has me busy for hours everyday. I'm surprised I'm even posting, even though it is a Sunday and most people aren't on. ^^' Besides keeping me busy, school is alright. I've been getting eighties and some ninties on tests, so that's good. Um.. what else? I haven't written anything for my fanfic in ages. I'll try to later on. Remember, I said TRY. Not much else to say. I have to change this layout. It's been up since August. Any suggestions? Sorry I don't have much to say... Since I have a little time on my hands, maybe I'll make a wallpaper or two. Laterz!! ^-^v

Arigatou ken Sayonara
(Thank-You and Good-Bye)

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