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Friday, September 22, 2006

...::: SITE NAME HERE :::... Lost Reality Designs Date: 09-22-06
Hi everyone. *blows dust off her site* Wow. I haven't been here in years. I started high school this year, so I've been busy. -_-' I won't be able to update much, as you can see. I want to change my layout. I'll probably use the one I made.. I joined the Anime Club that's in my school. We watch anime the whole hour. Today we started watching the FMA Movie. In Anime Club, it's a sin to watch with English dub because it sucks. And we're planning a trip to Japan. YAY!! *jumps up and down like a hyper person* Ahem.. I have to go. I don't feel very well cause I caught a cold, so I feel tired. Maybe I'll post tomorrow. Laterz!! ^-^v

Arigatou ken Sayonara
(Thank-You and Good-Bye)

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