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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

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Hey everyone!! I'm having a great time on my vacation in Panama. I've been too a lot of parties, like I said before. And every single one, unfortunately, each of my three cousins pulled me out to dance. I guess they're in their late twenties'. I don't know for sure. They were surprised to see me dancing salsa. Usually, I don't do much at parties unless I'm with my friends. It was fun, I guess. They're like my big brothers. ^^ Do you how disturbing it is to see a man in his sixties dancing and going down like Shakira? It was weird... I love my family. They're crazy. ^-^v Tomorrow, I'm going on a drive with my uncle, aunt, and grandmother to Panama City to see some sites. I like being here, but it sucks that I'm surrounded by so many old people when I am here. Oh well...
I'm thinking about writing a new fanfic. It'll be based on Cowboy Bebop. But I'm not sure I'm gonna write it. I usually write based on Inuyasha, so it's weird. If I don't, i'll post the one I've been writing about Inuyasha, okay? Laterz!!!

Arigatou ken Sayonarn
(Thank-You and Good-Bye)

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