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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Heyy Everyone !!!

Happy New Year!!!!!

hmmm.... so i haven't thought of a new years resolution, and i highly doubt i will because i already know that whatever it is most likely won't be kept lol.

right now i'm at my house in PA, we come here to go skiing and stuff.... but its too freakin cold to actually go skiing without your face freezing off right now, because theres a serious wind chill goin on here.

nothings really been happening lately, i'm going home on the 4th, and them i'm brining my friends back here to go skiing on the 8th, which should be fun.

so thats about it for now, ttyl

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

heyy everyone, i'm sorry i basically don't post anymore, it's kinda hard for me to keep up with this in college, so thats basically why i only get to update on holidays and such.
but anyway, i hope you all had a great christmas, this year is a bit of a tough one with the current economic crisis at hand. but hopefully everyone made it okay. i know for my family we cut back a bit on the spending as much as we could. we usually have a big christmas eve party at my house with my entire family ( when everyone comes its about 50) but this year my brother had a really bad illness and the doctor thought it was either an intestinal virus or mono, so we had to cancel the party because we couldn't get anyone sick, and we have a new baby in the family thats like 10 days old, so we didn't want it to get anything. but my parents were kinda relieved because the party costs a lot.
but overall my christmas was a good one, on christmas day i went to my aunts house. and i got to see a few people that i haven't seen in years and i was really happy, and i got some pretty nice gifts too ^_^
so yah, thats about all for now

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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Heyy everyone !!!! i just wanted to pop in and say happy turkey day !!!! i hope you all have an awesome thanksgiving, and that you get to stuff your faces with a shit load of amazing food ^_^

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Monday, November 17, 2008

hello everyone...

i know i haven't posted in forever, and i'm sorry for that.... and i can't really promise to update soon because i never really get the chance to do so... so sorry for that as well.

anyway... i've been having an okay time at college... it was a bit rough for a while because of some problems i had with my roommate... but its doing okay now.

as for the actual school work... some of the classes are good, and some are bad... like my art teacher could probably put hitler to shame.... shes seriously a nazi. and i have an oceanography class thats incredibly boring... but i guess tis okay..... i'm saying okay a lot...

anyway... i can't wait for christmas break... a whole freakin month off !!!! its probably gunna go fast... but thats okay... college goes petty fast too... i mean the time you spend here each semester kinda blends together and before you know it finals are upon you lol. but i can't wait for the break because i really want to see my whole family, and i want to go to my country house in PA and go skiing.... i can't wait for that ^_^

well thats it for now ... ttyl

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Thursday, October 9, 2008

heyy everyone ^_^

well right now i'm home from college for the weekend. i'm going shopping in a bit because i need some jeans and a few nice shirts for while i'm at school.
tomorrow i'm heading up to my house in PA, which should be fun. and i'm gunna get to see my friend jess today, who i haven't seen in a while since were both away for school.

hmmmmm... i can't really think of anything else thats going on, so i hope your all doing well ^_^

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Monday, October 6, 2008

WOW, i haven't updated in forever !!! i'm so sorry bout that, i've been a bit caught up at college with all the stuff i've been doing.

college is pretty exciting, i didn't like it when i first got here, but now i'm loving it. my roommates are pretty cool and i like hangin with them, and i have a group of friends that are kinda awesome too ^_^

i also just got back my first oceanography test, and i got an A, it made my freakin day lol.

well thats all for now , ttyl

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Heyy everyone ^_^

hows it going.
right now i'm just chillin in my dorm room, i really have to start some work that i've been putting off all week. but i really dun want to do it right now lol.
also, both my roommates went home for the weekend, so its been pretty quiet and boring here, but they'll be back today so that makes me feel a bit better.

hmm.... o yah, i went dancing the other night, that was a lot of fun
i can't really think of anything else, so i'll ttyl

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

heyy everyone !!!
sorry i haven't updated in so long. i'm away at college, it's my second week. it's been pretty hectic, but right now i'm just chillin in my dorm with my roommates and listening to some music and finishing up some work i have to do. but its been so much fun so far. the first few days weren't that good though, i had a rough time and cried a few nights, but i'm much better now so dun worry bout it.
anyway, i have this class called news literacy that i officially hate, it is the spawn of satan. but i like the majority of my other classes, so thats good.
It rained so much today, and my feet go soaked cuz i was wearing flip flops, so i'm gunna have to buy some rainboots lol.

but i hope your all doing well, and i'll try to update again soon

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Monday, August 25, 2008

heyy everybody !!!

well i'm pretty freakin excited because i'm going away to college in 4 days !!!!!! and i can't wait to finally get out of my house. my family has been driving me even more insane then they usually do... and i keep reminding them that i'm leaving to show them how overjoyed i am that i won't have to see them every day lol. my dad could care less, and my mom keeps attacking me with phrases like " i know your going to miss me" and "if you don't come home to visit at least once a month i'm giving your room to your brother" she seems to be trying to convince herself that i'll miss her rather than convincing me lol.
well thats about all for now ^_^ ttyl

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Heyy Everyone ^_^
i just got back from the beach. i was there for 4 days with most of my family from my dads side. i got a very nice tan. some new flip flops, and a hoodie ^_^ it was pretty fun ^_^ my family forced me to eat a ridiculous amount of food, and i think i grew an extra stomach just to fit it all.
anyway... it was fun ^_^

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