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Thursday, March 2, 2006

i just had a free day at school ^^
i just got off from school.
only because there was a feild trip and i forgot to pay. ^^;
it is so fun. We don't have to do any work and we get to talk and listen to mp3's. yaaaa.
im so happy. i also get to go to my youth group this arvo. yah ^^. im sooo happy. friday is the best day for me. its the last day of the week and its a bludge at school.
i should realy enjoy today because its the last free day i will have for a while hehehe.
i also got to sleep in... wellll sort of sleep in. i usualy waky up at about 7:30 and leave for school at 8:00. but i woke up at 8:10 and rode my bike as fast as i could... but i am still tired... but thats high school for ya ^^

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