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Friday, January 18, 2008

Check it out people.... (Warning...Contains Spoilers for an awesome anime)
Hey guys. Sorry for not updating in a while. I just didn't really have anything I thought you guys would want to hear about.

But hallellujah, the day has come.

I am proud to report that I have managed to get the entire tv anime of the show Ghost Hunt. Which is a very good manga / anime if I do say so myself.

It mixes horror, anime and supernatural phenomena. What more could you ask for?

Although I am a little disappointed that there are only 25 episodes, I am so happy that the 10th volume of the manga will be released in America this year. Which means, hopefully, there might be a second season. If the writer decides to continue it.

I really loved the way it was very case orientated but I do think they could have played some situations, and even characters, to their full potentional. I am a major fan of Naru x Mai so I am really hoping to see some more develop between them. I would also like to see them go into more depth with characters such as Naru because, for anyone that hasn't read the novels or researched them, viewers / readers will have no idea about his reasons for being in Japan in the first place.

Sure they give a few clues and hints, but as I said, unless you've read or researched the novels, you'll have no idea what they're talking about!

But anyway, I think Kill Sasuke agrees with me when I saw this anime / manga is definitely worth your time. And we both would love to see a second season AND more books.

Ciao for now.

~ Moofykims ~

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