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Saturday, January 26, 2008

hehe, hee are some random quotes...

(40 yr old...ish person to friend)
omg! their giving away free water melons for free!

you didn't crash and burn... you just... hurtled violently towards the earth... then caught fire... for some reason...


(boy toddler to mother)
why do you sit down to pee?

look! its a gnome *silence* -- I mean dwarf!! O.o

Why do you think popcorn smells like butter?

Its so fatty... >.> *takes another bite*

(subway worker)
sorry, we dont have 12 inch subs.

(random customer)
*picks up plant* do i have to water it?

well... i better coment on sites now ^^ seeing i was gone for 3 days... hehe, sleepova =D maybe i'll post photos of me being tied up and random snapshots >.>' lol well, ive got a q =D

got any weird quotes of your own?

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