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Thursday, October 13, 2005

   Not miserable!
I have found a way from the dark side. I am no longer miserable. ^_^ I also finished another row of Kratos sprites (a few more...like 5 to 6 to go) and I made a gif out of them so here you go

Oh and I completely beat One Piece Grand Battle, I beat every single mode with every single character (secret characters too), got every system voice, every mini game, all 198 artworks, all of the costumes, have used every single secret move, gotten every stage, every character's belongings, artwork, voice, and support character artwork. oh and Arlong has the creepiest laugh in his super move. >_< I also saw Jaws last night and the thing is..they made the shark too smart and look too fake. It wasn't that scary. It was so awesome though when he took the gun and blew up the gas tank in the shark's mouth >_<. I also recorded the first song from Episode 3 the Game. And I got the latest issue of Star Wars insider, One Piece volume 3, and Star Wars Dark Nest 2. I will hopefully have the Kratos sprites finished by December (probably earlier). I have so many Ideas.

Here is a Kratos jedi avatar:


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