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Welcome to my quiz results page. This section features the results from every quiz I've ever taken. 10 quiz results are listed per page, in reverse chronological order.

Result Posted on 07/10/05:
>.< That's hot!

FrenchMaid/Alice Lolita
You are a ~*French Maid meets Alice in Wonderland*~
Lolita You are dressed quite simple, but that is what
makes you look so attractive. You are never
seen without your lovely apron. The colour of
your dress is mostly black and your apron is
white. You are always looking as if you just left the
Wonderland to meet your friends in Harajuku or
Yoyogi park. Your favorite Lolita brand is
"Baby the stars shine bright". And
you are always waiting for a white rabbit with
a clock to pass you by... =^.^=

What kind of Gothic Lolita are you? (Japanese - Lifestyle for girls)
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Result Posted on 07/10/05:

You are a Hyper Neko
You are completely HyperNeko! Way too much energy
for your own good, you're constantly pouncing
things and running around in circles mewing.
Cute, though.

Which member of the Neko Hordes are you?
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Result Posted on 07/10/05:
A servant is another word for a maid... right? I wonder if I wore a cute little dress... ^^~

Result Posted on 07/10/05:
... do you think Yuki would beat me up if I left him for his brother? ^^~

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Who's Your Sohma Guy?
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Result Posted on 07/10/05:

Anime You ^^v

Created by anime4life and taken 526 times on bzoink!

Good or Bad?
Weapon of choice
One word that matches you
Your name would beZea
You'd look like
How many you'd kill/save57
You're personalitynasty, bitter, arogent quiet, sly, independant

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Result Posted on 07/10/05:
^^ I guess I should be happy.. there was on chance of getting Rei... oh well... Brooklyn's still cool!

You got Brooklyn ^^ Brooklyn smiles all the time, so you will surely be
cheered up! ^-^ Try not to make him furious
because he is the ultimate insane King of
Darkness who will destroy EVERYTHING. His hobby
is blackmailing insects and other animals, even
if he pretends them being his "little

Beyblade G-Revolution : Who is your prince charming??
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Result Posted on 07/10/05:
o.o''' no comment...

Mizuhara is a radioactive squirrel!!

From Go-Quiz.com

Result Posted on 07/09/05:
I got the cool lizard thing! COOL! Yeah... That series was cool... Count D is the coolest! >.<

You should get a lizard!
Your dream is to be needed; you are alone, and feel
as if nothing ever goes your way, you long to
have a purpose in you life by someone needing
you as much as you need them.

What Pet Shop of Horrors Pet Should you Get?
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Result Posted on 07/09/05:
Yep... I think I'm more of a Ryuichi then a Shuichi but... they are a lot alike anyways... but Ryuichi has the cool bunny! >.<

You're the kawaii singer from Nittle Grasper,
Sakuma Ryuichi! Even though you may act like a
hyper three year old most of the time, you're a
great friend to have. Everyone adores and
loves you, even if you're not the brightest
crayon in the box. You like adding "Na No
Da" to the end of your sentences and
carrying your stuffed pink bunny Kumagorou
everywhere with you. Also, you can go from
adorably cute to sexy serious in no time flat

~*~Which Gravitation Character Are You?~*~
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Result Posted on 07/09/05:
I guess in a way... I'm like Shuichi... -.- but I'm not gay! NO! >.> I do not go the way of Max and Tala....

Shuichi! La Li Ho!

What Gravitation Chracter are you like?
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