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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Chirstmas Eve.. and Happy Holidays n.n

Unfortunetly mine hasn't been the greatest so far, a few days ago I found out that sometime in the summer I'm going to move near my Aunt Lisa. I know, the summer's still not for what, five, six months, but I've been crying my little eyes out anyways. It's because I've already moved a lot since... what... third grade and I haven't stayed in too many places for more then a year, so here's like a record, a whole two and a half year. And from all the other places I lived I lost all the friends I made, but this time I refuse to lose my two best friends I made here so I already decided I'm not making any new friends when I move and blah blah blah. And my grandma promised me she wouldn't move until after I was out of school... err... not living with her... >.> pfft... she thinks it'll be good for us to move near some of our family.. yeah... moving me four hours away from my best friends is really goning to be good for me since having them as my friends is the reason I'm not as depresses and anti-soical as I was when I came here... freakin' genius... n.n I can't wait to see how I act when I get there... not to mention I had a really bad sore throat durning this.... -.- it sucked, it hurt when I ate and that's not cool for a glutton like me so after that was over I rewarded my self by stuffing my trap with food for like the whole day...

Ok... that's enough of me being all "D< GRR!" Luckly for the most part, my sore throat is gone. And tomorrow's chirstmas... n.n yay... and the day after tomorrow me and Ayaa, and maybe Kitty get to go to Erie... and if they don't have the 5 and 6th Beyblade manga, I'm going to kill everyone... (sorry... got that from Foamy)... but that should have the new Fruit's Basket so that's good...

I hope you all have a Merry Chistmas

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