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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Oh... I'm so happy I could scream! But I won't because I could get in trouble. But I've found so many things that made me oh so very happy (I know... I'm acting a bit weird... I shouldn't last long). Things I've found today:
1. My remote to my TV, it's been missing for a month, if not longer, it was under my bed.
2. My game boy, I've been searching for that for a week, it was in my closet.
3. I found the PotterPuffs! If you don't know what they are, they are the Harry Potter characters in the 'Power Puff Girl' style, they are cute and funny... and I saved a ton of them.
4. This is something I found out... I finally found out how to make gifs! Yay! Stupid Photoshop being all confusing and stuff... but I figured it out! *points at my avi pic thing* yep... I made that all by myself... and using a tutorial... <.< >.> -.- just for one part though... only one... :3 but don't worry Ayaa... I'll show you how to make them the next time one of us is at the others house... that is if you wanna learn... I won't make you.
5. I also found the song that plays when you beat one of the levels in the Musou Mode in Dynasty Warriors 4, Cross Colors, I really like it, and along with that, a few other Chinese songs, they are very cool...
6. I also found my brush... but that doesn't mean I was being a weirdo and not brushing my hair I just had to use the one I hate (it hurts my head ;-; ) I found it under this night standy thing next to my computer... yay!

Other then that, not much has happened today.

Last week Ayaa and I got into a fight about absolutely nothing... oO it was my fault too.... figures.... but we made up... now we're happy (*laughs*) friends again... Yay!
No offence to her, but I think I should stop showing Ayaa my drawings of Rei, since every time I do she's always like "ZOMGF REI HAZ ERECTIONZ!" (ok... she's more like >.< "Rei has a bulge in his pants"), gets someone to laugh at me with her, usually our friend(s) Nyssa and/or Kitty, and I get so red I put apples/tomatoes/blood/*insert anything else really red* to shame... luckily she only does that... once per picture but the first time is always the worst... after that... I find it funny, usually... she said it's her kind of constructive criticism... it makes sense... she, usually, only makes fun of the guys, and she can draw them... and I can't... and she barely ever makes fun of the girls I draw, except the no fingers thing... and she says she can't draw girls (lies)... oO''' ok... a bit of rambling...

*sighs* it's hard to believe the school year is almost halfway over... it's just been going by so fast... not that I'm complaining or anything! ^^

Well... that's it for today... I need to read some more for a book project for English... and I have to make more gifs (to get the procedures down)... squee! >.< o.o'''

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